Widdershins Software Engineer at Large

Well, there's your problem

I’ve been trying to get wttr.in to show weather condtions with Unicode glyphs for the current conditions and phase of the moon in my tmux status bar, but was constantly getting a double status bar. It appears that double byte unicode characters worked but longer one failed, even after upgrading to 3.3a. After poking at it all evening, it look... Read more

I am the Keymaster

Are you the Gatekeeper? There are times when being a digital packrat comes in handy, this was one. I’ve had several old GPG keys floating around that I no longer used. Well, let’s be clear I never really use GPG, I just keep working with it since I find it interesting and it may actually come in handy one day. I was able to find the old keyr... Read more

Same as it ever was

A bit of house keeping, still not finding the time to update pages despite my best intentions. Read more

Rocket Firing Boba Fett

Yes, they don’t really exists, until now. In 1978 up to 100 prototype rocket firing Boba Fett action figures were made until several children were injured and one killed by the rocket from the rocket firing Colonial Viper toy. Kenner quickly shifted gears and fixed the rocket to the jetpack. Bootleg figures were recently produced and I couldn... Read more


A Borrowed Theme I wasted a lot of time trying to come up with a custom theme, in the end I decided to just steal^H^H^H^H^Hborrow one from Kyle Stratis. That way something would be updated in century. Read more